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Clodagh Twomey

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  • Etching
  • Screenprinting
  • Lithography
  • Photo Etching

Clodagh Twomey is a Designer and Printmaker living and working in Limerick. She is a member of Limerick Printmakers and lectures in Design at the Limerick School of Art & Design. Her work has been exhibited in Limerick City Gallery of Art, The Hunt Museum, The Belltable Arts Centre, LSAD Gallery, The University Hospital Limerick, Main Guard Clonmel, Lismore Castle, Glór Gallery Ennis, Impressions Galway, City Hall Atrium Cork, Lessedra Gallery Sofia Bulgaria, China Academy of Art Hangzhou, Wingfield Barns Suffolk, Fundacio Tharrats d’Art Grafic Barcelona, L’etangd’art Bages France, Taller Galleria Fort Cadaqués Spain and Impact 10 Santander Spain.

The work is both logical and absurd, it probes into themes and concepts that reflect on life’s connections, occurrences and relationships. Twomey’s search for meaning is inherently in conflict with the actual lack of meaning offered in an increasingly complex world where individuals struggle to make sense of life. She suggests that an individual should accept and simultaneously rebel against making sense of existence by embracing what life has to offer while living in the moment and reflecting on life without documenting and sharing every happening.

The prints deal with dreams and perspective, exploring the relationship between individuals and their identity. Some take inspiration from real life events or dramatisations of those events, the work explores topics that are logical and illogical manifestations of occurrences that could be pure happenstance and be enjoyed and valued as such.

Flying Dreams I & II
Flying Dreams I & II are visual fragments of dreams that are remembered. Nothing is impossible in our dreams; gravity is conquered, height and elevation provides a new perspective on one’s world. The dreamer has the freedom to relate to the world in a completely novel way and wakes with a fresh or refreshed perspective.

On the Foam of the Sea
The work takes a metaphorical approach exploring the relationship between individuals and their identity as a couple; how they navigate life, find their bearings and journey towards a shared horizon. The theme provides an insight into identity and how chance encounters, fate and happenstance enrich life stories. Twomey posits the importance of living for now, in the moment, to edit out what is not necessary, dip in and out of things that make us curious and embrace the potential of the shared journey.


The Colleen Bawn Series
The work takes its inspiration from the play The Colleen Bawn by Irish playwright Dion Boucicault. The metaphor of the chairs are used to explore how society and circumstance played an active role in this heinous crime. In the Limelight explores the dramatization of the historic murder and how the narrative changes to engage an audience.

Anticipation I and II
The work explores the social and emotional expectations of an encounter whether it be a chance meeting or the result of much planning. Anticipation I – deals with the expectation of the event. Anticipation II – looks at the prospect of eventful social encounter.

Colleen Bawn>

Ephemeral Pleasures Series
We are imprisoned by social media and compelled to stay connected. This series of work proposes the importance of living in the moment. Taking pleasure in that fleeting instant and being content with the experience and the memory. It is infinitely more valuable than recording and sharing a meaningless image.

Happenstance I
This work deals with superstition and luck. The 13 crows appear in the composition but one crow has already left this mortal realm, the circumstances of his demise remain unclear. The symbolism of the ladder offers the viewer no credible explanation. It’s happenstance, a coincidental event with no apparent cause.



  • Limerick Printmakers at 20

  • Winter Fair 2019

  • Anne Marie Flannery

  • James Kearney

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