A Fine Line

Limerick Printmakers were proud to facilitate a solo exhibition by studio member Helena Grimes. A Fine Line was officially opened by Tracy Fahey, Head of Department in Fine Art at Limerick School of Art & Design on Thursday 26th October 2017. A Fine Line, a new body of work by that explores cognitive metamorphosis through a series of intricate ink drawings, printmaking and installation. Helena’s work addresses timeless themes of grief, anxiety, power and regeneration, which become infused with the artist’s innermost thoughts, mythology and fragments of her imagination.

Grimes’ distinctive line drawings act like fables. The whimsical creatures in the compositions act as metaphors of the human mind, present at different stages of social challenges. The environments portray a layer of familiarity; intertwined with dream-like elements to isolate the mind and hold the gaze of the viewer, enabling a deep engagement with their own subconscious. It is intended that the viewer is enlightened with an intimate question or answer relating to their own personal narrative.

Grimes defines the act of drawing as ‘narrative in its truest form’. Through the transfer of ink; memories, emotions and thoughts are encapsulated onto the surface of the paper. You can alter and cover up with new ink, but you cannot erase. You can plan carefully; try to hold control of the line but if a lapse occurs, you are compelled to comply. An askew line can very quickly become another layer to your story.
The artist describes having an addictive relationship with drawing. It is her agency to reflect, release tensions, and to understand human society and inner self. Inspiration comes from the natural world, fairytales, mythology, books, people and life itself.
Helena Grimes is a visual artist practicing in Limerick City, originally from Longford.


Helena’s work has been exhibited in various locations nationally as well as internationally in the UK, Netherlands, Egypt, Turkey and the USA. Her work has been purchased for several private collections in Ireland, the UK and the USA, as well as municipal art collections. In 2014, she graduated from LSAD with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art, specializing in Printmaking & Contemporary Practice. In 2015, her work ‘Every Soul has a Dark Forest’ was commissioned and purchased by the University of Limerick for their collection. The accordion book went on to win an award at ABLE in February 2016. She was nominated for the Screaming Pope Prize at K-Fest Arts Festival in June 2016.



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