Limerick Printmakers (LP) were proud to host Limerick artist and LP studio member Pamela Dunne’s solo exhibition Polarity at the Belltable O’Connell Street in September 2018. Polarity, an exhibition of original prints was officially opened by the artist Carl Doran, on Wednesday 12th September and continued until Monday 1st October.

Pamela Dunne is an experienced artist, printmaker and tutor, having studied fine art at both Limerick School of Art and Design, LIT (LSAD), and at the University of Ulster in Belfast. Her work has featured in countless printmaking collaborations including Plan A/Plan B (2015) by Limerick Printmakers which now resides in the Office of Public Works (OPW) collection.

In 2016, she was invited to contribute her work to the permanent National Self Portrait Collection in the University of Limerick. Dunne has worked as printmaking technician in LSAD for several years. Dunne’s work is rooted in the personal and explores both herself and her locality.The artist has always been influenced by the city she is from and within her work, she references the many contradictions of Limerick and the ability of a location to shape a person and their life. Dunne’s etchings are beautifully detailed and exquisitely rendered, encouraging prolonged and multiple viewings.


Through the medium of Printmaking I attempt to capture a sense of self through place. Limerick is a city of wonderful contradictions, beauty and ugliness, gentle and aggressive, compassionate and unforgiving. Being from here I ask the question am I all of the above?

Reflections are a witness.
To a game of contradictions.
I perceive in the looking glass.
Or through the screen of the car.
The places I visit to the person that I find.
I attempt to grab these fleeting images never really succeeding in my game.
I like playing though never really knowing why or who is playing.



  • Winter Exhibition 2018

  • LP at 20 Luan Gallery

  • Ballot

  • A Fine Line

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