Current Exhibition- Niamh Fahy 'Even Cowgirls Get The Blues'

Limerick Printmakers Studio & Gallery are delighted to announce the opening of ‘Even Cowgirls Get the Blues’, an exhibition of new work by Niamh Fahy, on Thursday October 24th at 8pm. Dr Dara Waldron, Lecturer at the Limerick School of Art and Design will officially open the exhibition. A graduate of LSAD, Niamh Fahy was awarded the 2012/13 Limerick Printmakers Bursary, which culminates in this solo exhibition.

Fahy is influenced by diverse interests including personal travelling experiences, literature, and the Romanticism movement. Her work conveys the duality that exists between melancholy and hope, and embraces this darkness as a necessary part of creating. The work captures instinctive responses to snatches of memory; an immersion of emotion expressed with an almost dreamlike, filmic quality. Here, impermanence is a positive force and continuous change becomes part of the image itself.

These pieces embody the time and thought invested in them and incorporates the therapeutic process involved. Each layer of ink is a vital part in realizing its entirety. There is a deliberate rawness to sections of the finished works, reflecting the importance of the process in aiding the creation of the piece and charting its journey. Duality is also at the heart of this process, with the spontaneity of the application of ink balanced by the painstaking nature involved with building up the layers.





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