The theme highlights the fact that both groups are part of a working class and challenges participants to explore and investigate all possible facets of this – social, economic, political and personal - through the medium of printmaking.

Limerick participants were paired together at random with their Georgia counterpart with both parties then encouraged to utilise a range of tools to maximize mutual communication – including popular social media platforms, mobile text services and Skype – in order to discuss their own ideas, learn about each others localities and overcome the challenges associated with creating work with a partner who resided over 3,500 miles and several time zones away. Stemming from these interactions, each student from Georgia College created a print that would act either as a companion piece to their Irish partners response (and vice versa) or that could be worked directly over by their Limerick partner in order to create an entirely new collaborative work shared by both printmakers.

Limerick artists featured are Elizabeth Cleary, Jennifer Cummins, Anne Deering, Aine Finnegan, Janey Hogan, James Kearney, Sorcha Lynch, Ciara McElearney, Kate McElligott, Jess Moloney, Kate O’ Shea & Louise Maher, Jess Tobin, and Sinead Williams. Corresponding Georgia artists are Javier Martinez, Jessi Askew, David Thomas Babb, Emily Eubanks, Logan Thomas, Morgan Sanders, Callie Waters, Haley Wigley, Emily Jovert, Carrie Cooper, Tyler Reynolds, Matthew Forrest of Georgia College, and Abigail Thomas.
The suite of prints will also be exhibited in multiple locations in Georgia, USA in 2017. BACK


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