Date: Tues 28th Feb- Tues 2nd May Time: 6.45pm - 9pm weekly Price: €200
Intro to Art – Drawing-Colour-Paint-Print
Level: Complete Beginners to Improvers & Refreshers

It’s often said that drawing is the foundation of all art and that all other artforms flow from it. Drawing is also a skill that many people mistakenly believe cannot be developed or improved on, which is not the case. Creativity exists in everyone and can be tapped into at any age!

LP technician and tutor Bella Walsh has devised a course that aims to encourage and develop skill at all levels – regardless of whether you are completely new to art, have not held a pencil for many years or have experience but would like to get back to basics. Over several weeks Bella will take you through numerous drawing exercises, exploring how you view and record shapes & objects, spaces & the environment around you. The course will also investigate colour with each student making their own colour wheel and completing various colour studies in paint. Students will also explore simple printmaking techniques that utilise their developing drawing skills and ideas.

This course is a great introduction for anyone eager for a new challenge or who want to extend their current talents. Every student will receive regular feedback and pointers from the tutor in what is a fully supportive and welcoming environment.
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